Build Your Brand

Who Is This For?

This program is for established entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level and gain financial abundance, time freedom, and increased fame and recognition with consumers.

This is for expert level coaches, consultants, professional service providers, or any other business where YOU are the brand.

If you’re having trouble reaching the level of abundance you desire and cracking the high 6-7 figure mark, then this is for you. Especially if you want to achieve a level of fame and prominence to take your income sky-high and achieve true time freedom.

What Will We Do?

I will work directly with you for 4 weeks on the following things:

  1. Showing you some secret tricks and advanced techniques to subconsciously sell prospects on your offer before they even see the pitch. You’ll learn how to transplant powerful buying emotions into your customer’s minds before they even have a chance to buy.

  2. Positioning your brand to gain maximum authority, trust and influence with your most valued prospects. We’ll align your personal brand with your target market’s core desires and reduce resistance to your offers to get people to buy in record numbers.

  3. Sharing all my strategies for communicating with consumers in a way that gains instant influence and affinity. You’ll learn how to activate internal buying triggers backed by powerful emotions that will cause customers to naturally feel like buying from you.

  4. Bolstering your marketing messages to build motivation in prospects and significantly shorten the sales process. These strategies will help you rapidly accelerate the pace customers come to you ready to buy.

What Will I Get?

If you’ve enjoyed this book, then you’ll love this program, because it’s like personal branding on steroids. This is a no holds barred crash course where I show you everything I know and hold nothing back.

If you’ve ever wondered what separates the six-figure wannabes from the seven-figure superstars, this is it. You’ll learn all my secret strategies for breaking through the barriers to success and finally achieving the status, success and income you desire.

These are the same strategies used to help my previous company triple their sales volume in just under a year. I will work with you one-on-one to build your personal brand and show you everything I know to help you achieve similar results as fast as possible.

Who Is The Best Candidate For This Program?

The best candidates for this program will have plenty of experience helping people in their area of expertise and have access to a platform they can use to communicate with their audience, such as social media, email list, YouTube channel, etc.

What Is The Investment?

The investment for this program is peanuts compared to the value of cementing your status as a recognized name in your industry. This isn’t a one-off marketing campaign you only use once, this is your most valuable business asset that will last you a lifetime. It’s priceless.

I’m running a special promotion right now with the launch my book, so make sure you mention it to get the savings before the price of this program permanently increases.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in this program contact me here and let me know you’re interested in the private one-month intensive to build your business through personal branding.

I’ll write back with a few questions to help determine whether the program is a fit for you and your business. We’ll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it’s a fit, we can get you enrolled the same day, and get our first session scheduled within a week or less!