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Land Park Sacramento is one of our city's oldest communities, and serves the region as a prime destination for locals and tourists due to the public park that gives the neighborhood it's namesake. William Land Park is a great place to hang with friends, have and picnic, or maybe even play a round of golf at the William Land Golf Course.

Holding a strong reputation for a close-knit community, Land Park residents host multiple events every year for community members to meet and mingle. The premier event of these series is the "Taste of Land Park" where local eateries and regional wineries provide food and refreshments for attendees to enjoy while listening to live music and strolling through the park. 

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In addition, Land Park is home to the widely popular Vic’s Ice Cream, Tower Café, and Espresso Metropolitan. Land Park has been home to many Sacramento Government officials as well, such as Phil Angelides, Charles Calderon, and Robert Fong, and also several celebrities such as the Deftones alternative metal band and famous writer Joan Didion.

Here are some of the main highlights about the neighborhood:

  • SUPERB LOCATION: Bordered by the Interstate 5 and Interstate 80 / U.S. Route 50 Junction, Land Park enjoys a central location in the greater Sacramento region.
  • EXQUISITE ATMOSPHERE: Largely residential, the neighborhood boasts tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and a massive park and recreation area in the center.
  • EXCITING AMENITIES: Land Park is home to many small, local businesses that offer plenty of things to do for kids, seniors, and adults alike.

Land Park Sacramento Maps & Location

Land Park is a neighborhood consisting of mostly single-family dwellings in the area between interstate 5 to the west, U.S. Route 50 to the north, Sutterville Road to the South, and Freeport Blvd. to the east.

William Land Park is its namesake, and the neighborhood also contains the Sacramento Zoo, along with several popular children’s theme parks such as Funderland and Fairy Tale Town.

Zip codes that are included in Land Park are: 95818

Land Park Sacramento Real Estate Trends & Statistics

Here are some recent sales statistics from the Land Park neighborhood from roughly the last 6 months. For more recent and update information, simply contact me and I'll send it to you ASAP.

Recent Solds:              78 (12 Pending)
Active Listings:           11
Price Range:                $250k – 1.14M
Median Price:              $434,750
Avg. Price Sq. Ft:        $344
Avg. Sq. Ft:                  1,508
Avg. DOM:                   23

Here are three key real estate trends for the Land Park area:

  • HUGE APPRECIATION: The Land Park area has experienced a massive surge in appreciation in the last 4 years, with sales prices up 34.41% since 2011!
  • PROPERTY VALUES RISE: The average price per square foot for Land Park real estate has also greatly increased since 2011, from $241 to $330 per square foot, up 36.93% from 4 years ago.
  • SALES PRICES RISING: Land Park homes went up 7.85% in the last year alone!

Land Park Median Sales Price:

2011:         $331,000
2012:         $350,000
2013:         $389,900
2014:         $412,500
2015:         $444,900

Land Park Avg. Price Per Sq Ft:

2011:         $240
2012:         $244
2013:         $291
2014:         $303
2015:         $330

6 Things Land Park Real Estate Buyers Should Know:

Land Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Sacramento, and here’s a list of 6 things every potential resident should know about the neighborhood.

Tree Lined Streets

Land Park contains many tree-lined streets that offer cooling shade and beautiful scenery year round. There are hundreds of charming cottage and bungalow style homes, and on the higher end you can even find Spanish, Tudor, and famous Squeaky Williams colonial style homes.

Close to Freeways

Being bordered by U.S. Route 50 and Interstate 5 makes Land Park a great neighborhood for commuters who need quick access to the Bay Area or Central valley, and allows for easy day trips to Apple Hill and Lake Tahoe for the weekend getaway!

Perfect for a Day or Night Out

From Dad’s Kitchen, to Vic’s Ice Cream, to Dimple Records, there are dozens upon dozens of local shops, stores and restaurants for you to enjoy and get the full land park experience.

Three Main Attractions

The Big Three attractions in Land Park are the Sacramento Zoo, Fairy Tale Town, and the park itself. Whether you’re socializing with friends, family, or just exploring the neighborhood by yourself, Land Park offers tons of opportunity to get out and enjoy life.

Home Styles for Every Buyer

Land Park offers many different sizes and styles of homes for every buyer, from 2 Bedroom 1 Bath cottages all the way up to 4 and 5 Bedroom beautifully remodeled masterpieces. Lot size selection reflects those home sizes, as there are options all the way from 3,000 sq. ft. all the way up to three times that amount at 10,000+ square feet.

One of Sacramento's Premier Neighborhoods

The median price for homes in the Land Park area is $455,000 which makes it more investment heavy neighborhood than the median price for all of Sacramento at $240,000. But, satisfaction is practically guaranteed as there are few better neighborhoods in all of the greater Sacramento region. Land Park has seen steady appreciation over time, with sold prices up 35% in the last 4 years since 2011.

Fun Things to Do Near Land Park Sacramento

Land Park is one of the premiere neighborhoods of Sacramento, and features TONS of activities for individuals and families alike, with or without children. No matter who you are, there’s something fun and exciting for you to do in the area.

The neighborhood offers tons of small “Mom and Pop” shops to cater to your every desire, whether you’re looking to grab a bite at Dad’s Kitchen, enjoy some homemade ice cream at Vic’s, or pick up a classic album at Dimple Records.

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William Land Park is HUMONGOUS at 166.5 developed acres, and has play areas, an amphitheater, basketball courts, a golf course, jogging paths, lakes, picnic areas, ball fields, and even a wading pool! It is the center of the neighborhood and a huge part of what makes this area so desirable to potential Sacramento residents.

Land Park Sacramento Education and School Ratings

Since Land Park is such a small, tight-knit neighborhood, students will grow up together and never be separated like in some other areas of Sacramento. Here’s a glimpse of some the public schools for this neighborhood.

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Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

Crocker/Riverside Elementary School
2970 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 264-4183

"Crocker/Riverside Elementary School is committed to providing a quality education for all students.  Our goal is to guide children to become fully participating citizens by giving them a strong academic education in a nurturing environment that recognizes diversity, promotes healthy choices and embraces community involvement."

Great Schools Rating: 9/10
API Score: 911
State Rank: 9 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

Leataata Floyd Elementary School
401 McClatchy Way, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 264-4175

"Leataata Floyd Elementary is one of the Superintendent’s Priority Schools.  Our mission is to focus on three targets:  (1.) Academic Instruction, (2.) Core Belief Systems and (3.) Engaging our Students, Families, Communities.  To use a catch phrase, “We hold an ACE up our sleeves!” to promote student success."

Great Schools Rating: 2/10
API Score: 579
State Rank: 1 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

California Middle School
1600 Vallejo Way, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 395-5302

"California Middle School has a small, family atmosphere allows our teachers and paraprofessionals to learn about each of our students and develop close, meaningful relationships that help to foster success."

Great Schools Rating: 7/10
API Score: 832/100
State Rank: 7 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

C.K. McClatchy High School
3066 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 264-4400

"C.K. McClatchy High School (CKM) is an exciting, multicultural school committed to seeing students grow and mature in their knowledge, wisdom, discipline and social skills while becoming independent productive citizens."

Great Schools Rating: 6/10
API Score: 753/100
State Rank: 5 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Land Park Sacramento Safety & Crime Ratings

There are many places online to find useful information such as data, statistics, and reports of Land Park's safety and crime activity. The most helpful site I know of is the official site of the Sacramento Police Department. It hosts daily activity logs, neighborhood crime reports and so on. You may access this site directly at through the Sacramento Police Website.

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Although, the Sacramento Police Department has several disclaimers on their site about the information. Also know that I am not able to offer opinions about the relative safety of neighborhoods under the Fair Housing Act, and recommend to all my clients that you seek counsel and information from the local law enforcement agencies and do your own independent research.

Land Park Sacramento Government & Community Association

Land Park is a part of Sacramento's Council District 4, which includes the beautiful neighborhoods of Sacramento’s Central City, Land Park, Little Pocket, and River Oaks communities. The councilmember representing District 4 is Steven Hansen, who has served on the Sacramento City Council since 2012. He has created a website specifically for Land Park residents and the rest of Council District 4 which can be found at

While it holds no governing power, the Land Park Community Association is a volunteer community group committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the Land Park neighborhood. They regularly host events that bring the neighbors of the community together and are quite active in raising community awareness on various issues that affect the neighborhood. The current president is Steve Winlock.

Land Park Sacramento Neighborhood History

William Land was a quiet and self-contained man who was viewed as an active businessman in the community and who gave the city nearly half a million dollars to enhance the conditions of its citizens.

His will and probate records are larger in volume and weight than the man himself. When he died on December 31, 1911, the 74-year-old bequest $250,000 for a public park and $200,000 for the poor of Sacramento.

Land invested heavily in the Sacramento area only. He said that he would not take money out of the city that gave him his fortune. Though we know little of William Land the man, his legacy speaks volumes through the beautiful park and golf course that bears his name.

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Many people are drawn to Land Park because of its attractions — the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town and William Land Park, for whom the neighborhood is named.

But the people who populate the place also are attracted by its proximity to downtown Sacramento, its wide, tree-lined streets and the friendly atmosphere.

Neighborhoods Near Land Park Sacramento

There are several other neighborhoods near Land Park Sacramento that may offer you some alternative housing options if you can't find something directly in Land Park that meets your criteria. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood!

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