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Curtis Park Sacramento is lovely little neighborhood nestled just south of Downtown Sacramento that is built around the 18.57 acre park of the same name. If you're looking for a neighborhood full of community pride, look no further. In a neighborhood full of Spanish revivals and Tudor-style homes, it's no wonder that Curtis Park Sacramento attracts an annual home and garden tour to showcase the neighborhood's finest features.

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Here are some of the main highlights about the neighborhood:

  • SUPERB LOCATION: Bordered by the Interstate 99 and Interstate 80 / U.S. Route 50 Junction, Curtis Park enjoys a central location in the greater Sacramento region.
  • EXQUISITE ATMOSPHERE: Largely residential, the neighborhood boasts tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and a long narrow park in the center.
  • EXCITING AMENITIES: Curtis Park is home to many small, local businesses that offer plenty of things to do for kids, seniors, and adults alike.

Curtis Park Sacramento Maps & Location

Curtis Park is centered in the area north of Sutterville Road, south of U.S. Route 50, west of Interstate 99, and east of Freeport Blvd.

Sacramento City College lays just outside the neighborhood's boundaries to the west, and the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts and Community resides nestled in the heart of the neighborhood.

Two main streets that run through most of the neighborhood are Broadway and Franklin Blvd. The nearly half-mile long Curtis Park sits at the bottom-center of the community.

Zip codes that are included in Curtis Park are: 95818

Curtis Park Sacramento Real Estate Trends & Statistics

Here are some recent sales statistics from the Curtis Park neighborhood from roughly the last 6 months. For more recent and update information, simply contact me and I'll send it to you ASAP.

Recent Solds:              50 (9 Pending)
Active Listings:           18
Price Range:                $183 – 605k
Median Price:              $442,166
Avg. Price Sq. Ft:        $307
Avg. Sq. Ft:                  1,445
Avg. DOM:                   34

Here are three key real estate trends for the Curtis Park area:

  • HUGE APPRECIATION: The Curtis Park area has experienced a massive surge in appreciation in the last 4 years, with sales prices up 54.04% since 2011!
  • PROPERTY VALUES RISE: The average price per square foot for Curtis Park real estate has also greatly increased since 2011, from $205 to $301 per square foot, up 46.83% from 4 years ago.
  • SALES PRICES RISING: Curtis Park homes went up 17.85% in the last year alone!

Curtis Park Median Sales Price:

2011:         $285,000
2012:         $299,500
2013:         $350,000
2014:         $372,500
2015:         $439,000

Curtis Park Avg. Price Per Sq Ft:

2011:          $205
2012:         $213
2013:         $249
2014:         $277
2015:         $301

6 Things Curtis Park Real Estate Buyers Should Know:

Curtis Park has long been one of Sacramento’s most prestigious and traditional neighborhoods, and here are 7 things every Curtis Park Real Estate Buyer should know about the community.

Individuality in Architecture

Most of Curtis Park’s homes were built from the early 1920’s through the late 1930’s, and many were either Craftsman Bungalows, Arts and Crafts or Prairie Influenced two story homes. Most of these houses were developed by small carpenter builders so there is more individuality in architecture than one might find in East Sacramento or Oak Park.

Great for Commuters

Being bordered by U.S. Route 50 and Interstate 99 makes Curtis Park a great neighborhood for commuters who need quick access to the Bay Area or Central valley, and allows for easy day trips to Apple Hill and Lake Tahoe for the weekend getaway!

Lots of Shops and Restaurants

Curtis Park has lots of quaint little shops, restaurants and art galleries for you to explore and get to meet your neighbors. With such close proximity to the Downtown and Midtown areas of Sacramento, the options for retail and entertainment are virtually limitless.

Great for the Outdoors

Curtis Park has several ball fields, a basketball court, grassy picnic areas, 2 lighted tennis courts, and a walking/jogging trail that stretches the perimeter of the park at over 1 mile long, which makes it a perfect destination for anyone looking to get outdoors and socialize with your neighbors, friends and family.

Smaller and Larger Homes Available

As far as homes go, you’re mostly going to find 3 bedroom 2 baths around the 1,500 sq. ft. mark, although there are some options for smaller or larger homes as well. The median home size for the area is 1,540 sq. ft. which is much larger than average for Sacramento, and most lot sizes go for 4,000 to 6,000 sq. ft.

Wide Variety of Home Selections

The median price for homes in the Curtis Park area is $439,000 which quite a bit higher than the median price for all of Sacramento at $240,000. But, there is a wide variety of home selections to choose from, and prices from under $300k all the way up to $650k. The close-knit community and local amenities are well worth the investment, and being one of Sacramento’s more stable neighborhoods, strong appreciation will be realized for home buyers, evident by the 17.85% increase in prices in just the last year.

Fun Things to Do Near Curtis Park Sacramento

Curtis Park is a small, tight-knit community with a long history, and there are many small locally owned shops, restaurants, and boutiques to connect with your neighbors at.

Simply take a cruise down the main streets of Franklin Blvd. or Broadway to discover all sorts of places to shop and eat it. Be sure to stop by Gunter’s Ice Cream Shop and grab some homemade ice-cream on those hot California summer days!

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Curtis Park has several ball fields, a basketball court, grassy picnic areas, 2 lighted tennis courts, and a walking/jogging trail that stretches the perimeter of the park at over 1 mile long.

Curtis Park Sacramento School Ratings

Since Curtis Park is such a small, tight-knit neighborhood, there is only one school for each level of schooling, which means neighborhood students will grow up together and never be separated like in some other neighborhoods. Here’s a glimpse of some the public schools for this neighborhood.

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Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

Bret Harte Elementary School
2751 Ninth Ave. Sacramento, 95818
(916) 277-6261 

"Bret Harte Elementary School is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our students. These programs include: a site instruction coordinator, Healthy Start Program, a school nurse, extended-day tutoring and mentoring, Advanced/GATE Program and a computer technology lab."

Great Schools Rating: 2/10
API Score: 712
State Rank: 1 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

California Middle School
1600 Vallejo Way, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 395-5302

"California Middle School has a small, family atmosphere allows our teachers and paraprofessionals to learn about each of our students and develop close, meaningful relationships that help to foster success."

Great Schools Rating: 7/10
API Score: 832
State Rank: 7 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Could not find this address. Check it on Google Maps website to make sure it is correct.

C.K. McClatchy High School
3066 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 264-4400

"C.K. McClatchy High School (CKM) is an exciting, multicultural school committed to seeing students grow and mature in their knowledge, wisdom, discipline and social skills while becoming independent productive citizens."

Great Schools Rating: 6/10
API Score: 753
State Rank: 5 out of 10 (1 worst, 10 best)

Curtis Park Sacramento Safety & Crime Ratings

There are many places online to find useful information such as data, statistics, and reports of Curtis Park's safety and crime activity. The most helpful site I know of is the official site of the Sacramento Police Department. It hosts daily activity logs, neighborhood crime reports and so on. You may access this site directly at through the Sacramento Police Website.

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Although, the Sacramento Police Department has several disclaimers on their site about the information. Also know that I am not able to offer opinions about the relative safety of neighborhoods under the Fair Housing Act, and recommend to all my clients that you seek counsel and information from the local law enforcement agencies and do your own independent research.

Curtis Park Sacramento Government & Community Association

Curtis Park is a part of Sacramento's Council District 5, which includes the beautiful neighborhoods of Sacramento’s southern half like Curtis Park, Oak Park, and South Land Park communities. The councilmember representing District 5 is Jay Schenirer, who has served on the Sacramento City Council since 2010. He has created a website specifically for Curtis Park residents and the rest of Council District 5 which can be found at

While it holds no governing power, the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the Curtis Park neighborhood. They regularly host events that bring the neighbors of the community together and are quite active in raising community awareness on various issues that affect the neighborhood. The current president is Eric Johnson.

Curtis Park Sacramento Neighborhood History

Curtis Park follows the development plan of other early 20th century neighborhoods in Sacramento. There was no comprehensive approach to development. Individual plots, usually from small farming or ranching operations, were purchased and subdivided and then sold to individual builders.

The development of the small farming operation resulted in many small developments, each with its own character. Curtis Park can be divided into two areas – those that first developed before World War I, such as Curtis Oaks and West Curtis Oaks, which began development circa 1907, and the second group that was developed after 1920. This second area of development was around the newly constructed Curtis Park; notable among them was South Curtis Oaks.

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Advertisements for the neighborhood promoted family life, recreational opportunities, and the ever-present appeal to escape the “ills” of the city. Curtis Park was promoted in a 1923 brochure as a place where “merry children sing and romp in the sunshine and pure air – safe from the danger of heavy traffic – happy and healthy in their freedom.” Promotions also appealed to residents’ desire for “good taste” in their homes that reflected their “stations in life,” as well as offering “full security.”

Curtis Park today, essentially built out for the better part of 60 years, includes 2,500 homes. Much of the Curtis Park neighborhood’s character is drawn from the centrally located Curtis Park. The well-maintained houses enjoy large mature street trees and attractive landscaping. The area between Donner Way and Portola Way has unique physical characteristics, as it was the first area to be developed in the neighborhood in 1907.

Neighborhoods Near Curtis Park Sacramento

There are several other neighborhoods near Curtis Park Sacramento that may offer you some alternative housing options if you can't find something directly in Curtis Park that meets your criteria. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood!

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